Beautiful Surprises

1. Everybody’s looking to do. boredom, is there such a thing? Different kinds of kisses get you different kinds of hugs. This is my territory.

2. Today’s perfect but what about someday? Any time you turn around there’s your someday.

3. You run into another one that fell out of the sky. Where are you now? So grand the land.

4. Hang your clothes in the highest trees and go swimming when you’re done with you hellheaven.

5. She’s there complicated but what could be better? You can throw everything away like it’s nothing.

6. Haunt, I can’t not want.

7. You’re a girl with 5 names. Biggest thing that’s not anything now is anything now.

8. Home grabs around your neck and yes and no and yes.

9. Almost drown diving for pearls. So what, a girl’s a girl. You didn’t want it anyway.

10. Was it always your intent?

Events: Out of town/out of body experience. Romantic projecting powers peak. Excitement. Memory/future. Potential. Protools fool. Freedom, ignorance. Bliss. Lost. Abandon. Obsessive. Compulsion. Squirrels birds animals plants takeover. Where is everyone?