1. Wandering the roads.

2. I’m sorry for all the things I’ve done and I might do.

3. Take your friend, go on and pull her in to the spin that’s underneath your skin.

4. We were friends and then we were more than friends. In the morning another chance to declare. You charm your way through.

5. You’ve been caught in the curve on the way to your life.

6. No one can kiss hello and goodbye at the same time like her.

7. Do this and you’ll be happy. do this and you’ll be glad.

8. Watch out when messed up goes and gets dressed up.

9. Sometimes I’d like to quit. Not too shy to hold on too tight. Walk a little faster from.

10. An '80s dirge version of the coffee shop musical theme song.

Events: All the cats died. The creek dried up. The pump broke. The ground froze. The wasps got eaten by a possum. A tick killed a dog. The bulldozers moved in. The motor exploded. The crows called out from tops of trees. The numbers fell off. The creeks ran.