First And Second

1. Coca cola tv and the bomb, sell me, I want to be in love by the first 100 pages.

2. She loves clothes but they just don’t fit her, see the outline of her soul.

3. You think you’re taking a walk with her you end up halfway ‘round the word instead.

4. Scenes of heaven painted on your leggings, brambles and pandemonium, can you carve a statue from a summer shower?

5. I can be a stranger look at me and see a stranger

6. Fate disguised as a car jumps the curve and I crash with a crush spellbound by a girl

7. Her truth serum numbs my mouth, words wedged in my teeth fall out my false front falls flat.

8. And we dine alive and divine.

9. Turn me away spin me around blindfolded.

10. Somebody’s gotta suffer the weights and the chains of cool.

Recorded upstairs in my brother's apartment in NYC on 1st Street and 2nd Avenue with Chris Maxwell and his ADAT. I smell smoke! Oh, the aprtment building next door is on fire.