Great Expectations

1. How’s my angel? She’s just a person. She puts her arms around me.

2. All kinds of love. Make room for love in bloom.

3. They made a fiery child ‘cause they were burning.

4. No one can kiss hello and goodbye at the same time like her.

5. We laughed and the laugh got stuck in the revolving door. In the fall wake up hear the bluejay call.

6. I’m mr. romance, does it matter, don’t you hate that.

Events: Recorded August 1997 in an apartment building in downtown Little Rock with a view of the capitol. The sunlight came in like hell's fire. With the window unit cranking. Hence the awesome hissing quality. Ripped to cd from a cheap 4 track cassette lined out of a boom box. But it’s the songs, man! It’s all about the energy and the songs, dig. The liner notes on the original say “all songs considered as pages torn from the ongoing musical diary of Michael Jukes.” Cover features a concrete boat sitting in a cow pasture that's long gone, turned into office buildings and a mall.