Happy In A Moment

1. Racing to a place she loves to play chase. Sometimes listens when you’re talking. Laughs out loud in the wrong places.

2. When I find you what do I do with you if looking is what I do? But you’re a fine find. Where it is is not where it was.

3. Only water in the holy pool. Rushing headlong, bang heads with my passion flower. It’s all flow ya know, when our hands let go.

4. We loved ourselves in two.

5. A dress hangs mute in a shop window. A field full of yellow flowers. Footsteps of your shadow walking. Down the stairs to the sidewalk by the sea.

6. Would you meet me here again my sleeping friend?

7. The ping of a ring thrown across the room. We dared ourselves and pulled it out of the air.

8. Marked for life I murdered me. Remember what you said when you said trust me.

9. Thanks for breaking the spell. Drunk on a bike my tough punk.

10. What makes it urgent? Why do you care? Because.

11. The waves, the chris craft, the ocean liner night light.