1. The giant bulldog has a tiny kitten that gets on its back and lovingly kneads it with its little claws.

2. Can I be around you? I want to run away from you. How can I be away from you? I’ll come and find you and remind you.

3. As far as things go, didn’t we have fun? Can you look at it this way?

4. Ssh, gotta go now, gotta get with.

5. How many ways can I get to you? How many days can I stay there too? Knowing all the while you’re completely free to follow your heart.

6. You should be as lucky as you are. Wishing’s for chumps.

7. Is your love just a luxury? Some extravagance I don’t really need? Take it away, see what I say.

8. I was unaware and so I couldn’t care.

9. The sound of the heat circus.

Events: Perfection. Truth. Beauty. Swimming pools. Fountains. Bicycles. New shoes. Swooning electricity. You think it’s going to be good, it kills you. Wake up again and again.