1. Love locked out in pajamas, love locked out has bad manners.

2. Hide your head in a swarm of bees, fire looking for water.

3. Holds his gun just like a baby.

4. I've got the band-aid from your thumb in the pocket of my coat, blood brother.

5. Have you met desperate?

6. God only comes thursdays at noon.

7. If you find nothing now you'll simply end up with an apartment in the city of death.

8. It's not that I don't want you to, but your hands are cold.

Recorded in the 50 acre farm house in the old childrens' ranch with the empty swimming pool and the fields and the creeks and the martins and the trees and the barns and the cabins and the gardens and the woods and the dogs and the cats and the chickens and the owls and the coyotes.